Are You A Victim Of Discrimination Or Harassment In The Workplace? We Can Help.

Your employer may sign your paycheck, but that does not mean it or its employees are entitled to treat you any way they want. Indeed, both federal law and New York law expressly prohibit employers from engaging in certain forms of discrimination, harassment and employee retaliation. If they violate any of these laws, you may be entitled to file a claim.

If you believe your employer may have engaged in illegal forms of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and you have been demoted, fired or suffered some type of harm as a result, contact The Rose Law Group PLLC for dedicated, experienced legal guidance. We serve clients throughout New York, including Queens, Astoria and Long Island City.

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No Matter The Employer Misconduct, We Can Help

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace must be taken seriously, and employers must be held accountable for their illegal acts. Whether you have been harassed, wrongfully terminated, demoted, denied a promotion, given a pay reduction or suffered any other type of adverse employment action, The Rose Law Group PLLC can help. In fact, we can assist you with a broad range of employment-related issues, including:

At The Rose Law Group PLLC, we will do everything possible to help ensure that an employee's rights are recognized, even if that means we need to take your case to trial. Simply put, you need a lawyer you can trust ― you need The Rose Law Group PLLC.