Race Discrimination

The law in New York City prohibits any discrimination in employment or public accommodation on account of Race, Ethnicity and National Origin. Discrimination of this kind exhibits itself in many ways, including terminations, discipline, harassment and failure to provide benefits or advancement.

In order to prove your claim the law requires that you connect the actions taken against you to your Race. You can do that by showing or alleging that there were comments made which evidence that the individual taking this action does not like people of your Race, showing that other people of different Races are treated differently, or demonstrating a history of discrimination against individuals of your Race.

If you work in Queens or anywhere throughout New York City and believe you have been subjected to harassment, hostility or other negative decisions due to your Race you may be able to file a claim against the company or individuals who did this to obtain any lost money, emotional damages, physical damages and money to punish their actions if they are egregious.