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The Rose Law Group PLLC is dedicated to providing victims of workplace discrimination and other employer misconduct with experienced, personalized legal guidance. Whether you believe your employer has engaged in illegal discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful retaliation or wrongful termination practices, we can explain your legal options and help protect your rights. Even if your claim relates to unpaid overtime, we can assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve.

No matter the circumstances of your case, we will do everything possible to help ensure that you achieve the best recovery available, even if that means we must take your case to trial. Let us help hold your employer accountable for illegal employment practices.

Our 'Secret' To Success: We Work Harder Than The Other Side

When it comes to employment law cases, our approach is as simple as it is effective: We work harder than the other side, always making sure we are thoroughly prepared. Simply put, employment law litigation is about preparation and knowledge of the law ― two areas in which we excel.

As a lawyer, you can never be too prepared. In fact, not only will we develop a unique legal argument that is specifically designed to meet your goals, but we always have a backup argument ready to go just in case. While this approach isn't exactly a secret, it has proved to be very successful for us and our clients.

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You Have Nothing To Lose, So Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

The Rose Law Group PLLC offers FREE initial consultations, so call us at 718-989-1864 today. You can even email us online if that is easier. More importantly, we handle many of our employment cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not have to pay any attorney fees until we win you a recovery. While our office is located in Astoria, we serve workers throughout New York City, including Queens and Long Island City.

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